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Cast list 

Maureen/Thatcher Jayne Andrew

Simone Helen Cook

Graham/Landlord Tony Hardy

Barry John Kingston

Ryan/Will TBC

Eileen Jess Brown

Barbara Suzie Kingston

Sandra/Maid M Sophie Cannell

Felicity/Robyn Bonnie Quinlan

Christine Daisy Tyrrell

Hugo/Sheriff Bob Sharman

Gavin/Friar Tuck Kyle Mace

There are still opportunities to be in the chorus. Just get in touch! 

Cameo roles to be allocated from the chorus 

We are still looking for our Ryan ... could you be him! Audition information below. 

Ryan /Will

A sensitive young man who doesn’t like to push himself forward. Ryan appeared in a few
‘FARTS’ shows as a child but hasn’t performed for years. He has retuned to the society to
help with tech, but also so he can be near to Felicity, who he has feelings for. So far he hasn’t
acted on this for fear of being knocked back.



The Farnsworth and Redgate Theatrical Society have hit upon hard times, their Chairman and Treasurer have run off with all the societies funds to start a G & S Karaoke Bar in Torremelinos. With no money for License fees they are forced to perform the terrible shows written and starring local bully Maureen Desmond whose latest show, ‘Thatcher - the Musical’ has just finished.

Felicity, a young member of the society has been left an unpublished show in her aunt’s will. The story goes that Aunt Christine once spent a bohemian summer in Paris in the sixties where she shared a garret with two young musicians, the ‘soon to be famous’ Andrew Laird Warbler and Tim Rhys. After a particularly bohemian party the boys decide to head off to Buenos Aires where Tim has an idea about a new show. Their musical about Robyn Hood is abandoned but Christine brings it home with her where it stays undiscovered for many years.

The show follows the story of the society's struggle to get the show to stage as Maureen, furious at having her next show overlooked, tries her best to sabotage it.