Business Support Award

The cost of staging our performances always exceeds our income from ticket sales and the local business community is invited to support our efforts by taking up an annual Waveney Light Opera Group Business Support Award

We can provide you with a powerful opportunity to reinforce your corporate image, allowing you to
promote your company's name, logo, products and services to a wider, targeted audience. This highly
visible and cost effective arts sponsorship gives you the opportunity to develop and strengthen your
involvement with the cultural life of the local community.

If you would like your business to become a Business Support Award holder then please contact John Cushing for further information. 


To help raise funds for our Group

WLOG’s '100' Club is a monthly draw, which offers participants the opportunity to win cash prizes every month – and those prizes get even bigger in June and December. It costs just £2 for one ‘share’ each month – with no limit on the number of 'shares' someone can buy.

So if you fancy taking part just download an application form below and return it to You don't have to be member of WLOG to join the '100' Club, so why not get the family, friends and others to take part as well.


100 Club Winners

Please let us know if your contact details have changed so we can keep our records up to date.

2021 Winners

September  1. S Cook   2. M A Holmes 3. J Gallagher

August   1.  R Bennet    2. S Cushing    3.  S Brownsea

July       1. J Cushing    2. S Cook     3. I Newton

June     1. C Mullord    2. J Zarins    3. C Steed 

May    1.  H Steed   2. S Cook    3. S Cushing

April   1. A Beaumont 2.  A Burlington 3. J Cushing

March   1. T Gallagher 2. O. Segrave-Daly  3. J Andrew

February   1. S Cook 2. C Steed 3. T Gallagher

January   1. S Cook 2. C Mullord 3. S Cushing

2020 Winners

December:  1. J. Andrew, 2. A. Smith, 3. C. Steed

November: 1. S. Cook, 2. H.Steed, 3. J.Lumsden 

October: 1. M A Townsend, 2. J. Lumsden, 3. J. Zarins 

September: 1. R. Lewis-Smith, 2. R. Lewis-Smith, 3. S. Cook

August: 1. J. Cushing, 2. S. Cushing, 3. J.Cushing

July: 1. T. Gallagher, 2. R. Bennett, 3. B. Roscoe

June: 1. J. Cushing, 2. O Segrave-Daly, 3. B. Roscoe

May: 1. M Townsend, 2. M A Holmes, 3. S Cushing

April: 1. R. Lewis-Smith, 2. M Ludlow, 3. A Smith 

March: 1. A Burlington, 2. S. Cushing, 3. J. Cushing

February: 1. J. Cator, 2. T. Gallagher, 3.  S. Cook

January: 1. J. Andrew, 2. S. Cushing, 3. S. Brown